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Al-Baraka Farms

Al-Baraka Farms, a family owned and operated business, was founded with passion.  Since 1989 the Naber family has been growing premium quality, great tasting dates. The group brings their twelce varieties of dates to Souk by the Sea every

Arabian Spices


Tourists flock to 'Arabian Spices' buying up the local flavors and taking recipes from Mohommad the "spiceman" to travel home with.

Bazaar Abu Kram


If you are looking for locally made cross stiched items this is where you need to come.  Locally artists keep the traditional patterns and colors coming.  Coasters, dresser, tissue boxes - it is all available here!

Desert Rose


Carving out Opportunities to Enrich Lives

Glad Tidings Holy Land Designs, Inc. is an outreach to the physically challenged and underprivileged in the Holy Land. Located in the hills of the Roman city of Philadelphia, now modern day Amman, ...

Disi Ceramics

Women from the DISI Women's Co-op, located near Wadi Rum bring their line of handmade pottery and desert art to the Souk.  Their work reflects the wildlife and colors of the beautiful desert they call h

Eva Designs


Dresses, purses, bibs, and many more useable items are created out of traditional Jordanian materials.  Eva's sewing abilities and creativity are on display every week.

Fossil Finds


Abu Yasser and his collection of fossils and gems are available for purchase.  Take home something unique.

Green Creations


A best selling booth at the Souk, Green Creation is known for creating unique hand made items…from trash. A project of World Associates, GC trains individuals to use recycled materials to create green income generating products: beads, jewelry, ...

Green Home


Looking for some plants and cactuses to add some life to your home?  Stop by Green Home and pick up some lovely potted plants.

Henna by Kafa


Kafa has been providing an array of henna designs since the Souk's opening.  Her artistic ability often draws a crowd.

Hind Creations


The diversity and uniqueness of Hind's handicrafts reflect her creativity.  She adds new creations every week, featuring embroidery, leather, t-shirts, pillows, and many other designs.

Imad's Precious Stones

Imad brings his livliehood to the Souk everyweek where he crafts beautiful jewlery.  He uses gems and corals to make beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets and is always making items in front of the cusotmer - customized to thier li

Sulaiman & Rawan

Sulaiman and Rawan are always adding new product to their creative table.  Whether it be T-shirts, mugs, or modern accessories, their table is one you won't just pass b

Ten Thirty Three Bags


Ten Thirty Three purses, totes, and accessories are hand made by impoverished women in the Middle East. By purchasing these products, you are helping Ten Thirty Three teach marketable skills and create sustainable sources of income. Thank you for ...

The Bedouin Crafts



Um Ahmad travels into Aqaba from the village of Rahma to share her handmade textiles - carpets, baskets, and other traditional Bedouin handicrafts with the tourists and locals passing through.

The Sandman


Kamal is our featured Sand Bottle Artist at Souk by the Sea.  A common collectible art in Aqaba, Sand Bottle art is always a popular keepsake that people leave with.  Kamal customizes his art, including names and scenes from Southern Jordan.  Often ...